Forza Street is out now on smartphones

One of the biggest Xbox game series is now available on smartphones. But it might not be what you would expect.

Microsoft brings Forza to smartphones with the title Forza Street. It may have the name of one of the world’s most popular racing series, but it’s much different in gameplay. There are fast cars you can collect, customize them and there is even a story line. But forget the open world and the same racing as in the Xbox One or PC version. 

Forza Street offers a much simplified experience, where you only tap the gas pedal and nitro. That’s it. In corners the game will show you when it is the time to lift your finger off the gas pedal and then after the corner you tap it again. Player’s role is only to accelerate and brake, steering is automatic. If you were expecting something similar to traditional Forza games, you might be disappointed.

Available now, for free

The visual of the game is very nice and the same goes for the cinematic camera which is moving during the race and shooting the car from various angles. That gives it a movie style feeling and since you can’t steer, you can at least have some good views.  

Dozens of cars are waiting for you to collect them from classic muscle to modern sports and supersports. If you are in for some easy gaming, then give it a try. Forza Street is available for free (with in-app purchases) on iOS and Android. And it was already available last year on Windows 10. And if you’ll play the game until June 5, you’ll get a Founder’s Pack as a bonus, which unlocks the Ford GT and additional in-game credits and gold as a welcome gift.

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